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The most popular Questions

Question 1: What are frameless chairs and ottomans, and how are they different from traditional furniture products?

Frameless chairs and poufs are furniture products that differ from traditional models in that they do not have a rigid frame structure. Instead, they rely on the use of a soft and flexible material, such as feather filling, foam or synthetic filling. This design ensures ergonomics, comfort and adaptability to the user's body.

Question 2: What are the benefits of using frameless chairs and ottomans for clients?

Frameless chairs and ottomans offer a variety of benefits to customers. First of all, they provide a high level of comfort, allowing you to relax and unwind. Thanks to the flexible filling, the furniture adapts to the shape and contours of the body, providing optimal support for the back, neck and legs. Additionally, frameless chairs and ottomans take up less space than traditional furniture, allowing them to be used in small spaces. They are also stylish and modern, making them attractive decorative elements in any interior.

Question 3: What are the main materials and fabrics used in the production of frameless chairs and ottomans?

Various materials and fabrics are used in the production of frameless chairs and poufs. Feathers, foam, crushed polyurethane foam, synthetic fiber and other soft materials can be used as fillers.They are selected based on the degree of support and comfort required. As for upholstery materials, textile fabrics are widely used here, including cotton, linen, artificial leather, velor and others. Each of these materials has its own advantages and aesthetic qualities, which allows the client to choose the appropriate style and texture for their interior.

Question 4: What styles and designs are available for frameless chairs and ottomans?

Frameless chairs and ottomans offer a wide range of different styles and designs. From minimalist and modern forms to classic and retro options, each client can find a suitable option in accordance with their preferences and interior requirements. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can find the perfect solution for any space. In addition, the furniture can be decorated with various elements, such as buttons, piping, embroidery or decorative pillows.

Question 5: What is the cost of frameless chairs and ottomans, and what factors influence the price?

The price of frameless chairs and ottomans may vary depending on various factors. The main ones include the chosen design, materials, quality of finish and product dimensions. More complex designs and rare materials can increase the cost. Also, custom orders and personalization may contribute to the price. The PufMaster company strives to offer customers a variety of options, taking into account their budgetary capabilities.

Question 6: What kind of support and comfort do frameless chairs and ottomans provide?

Frameless chairs and ottomans provide soft yet comfortable support for the body. They take the shape of a sitting or lying person, which allows you to distribute weight evenly and reduce the load on muscles and joints. This creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation floating in the air.

Question 7: Can frameless chairs and ottomans support heavy weight?

Yes, frameless chairs and ottomans can support a lot of weight due to their elasticity and stability. However, when designing and manufacturing furniture without a frame, it is important to consider the density and quality of the soft material used to ensure the reliability and durability of the product.

Question 8: What care is required for frameless chairs and ottomans?

Frameless chairs and ottomans require minimal maintenance. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush to remove dust and dirt. If stains occur, they can be removed using a gentle upholstery cleaner. Regular ventilation will help keep your furniture fresh and hygienic.

Question 9: Is it possible to order an individual design for a frameless chair or pouf?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to order a custom design for a frameless chair or pouf. We work with professional designers and craftsmen who will help you create a unique product that suits your tastes and needs. Contact our company for more information about our custom ordering capabilities.

Question 10: What warranty is provided for frameless chairs and poufs?

We guarantee the quality and durability of our frameless furniture. Therefore, in case of manufacturing defects or defects, we will provide free repair or replacement of the product within the specified warranty period.For more information about warranty terms, please contact our customer service team.