What are cookies used for?

Cookies (from English "cookies") are small text files that websites send to a user's computer to store information about his actions or preferences. Cookies are common web development tools and are widely used to improve the user experience while browsing websites.

When you visit a website, the server sends cookies to your computer, which are stored in a special folder in your browser. On subsequent visits to the same site, your browser sends these cookies back to the server, allowing the site to remember information about you and tailor its content to suit your needs.

Cookies can be used for various purposes. First, they allow the site to remember data about your session, such as the contents of your shopping cart or the settings you selected. This allows you to continue shopping or browsing the site where you left off on your previous visit.

In addition, cookies may be used to analyze user behavior on the site. They help collect anonymous information about what pages the user visits, how long he stays on the site, where he came from, and other similar data. This information helps website owners optimize their content and provide a more personalized experience.

Cookies can be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies are only saved while you are visiting the site and are deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your computer even after you close your browser and can be used the next time you visit the website.Some people have expressed concerns about cookies, worrying about the privacy of their data. However, it is important to note that cookies cannot access other information on your computer other than what you provide to the website. Cookies can also be adjusted by you through your browser settings to block or delete certain cookies.

In general, cookies are an integral part of the functioning of modern websites. They help improve the user experience by making interaction with the site more convenient and personalized. Cookies also provide website owners with valuable information to analyze and optimize their resources.