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Welcome to PufMaster

Discover a new level of comfort with PufMaster

Our company strives to not only provide you with the perfect lounging solutions, but also to exceed your expectations.

PufMaster is not just ordinary poufs. We offer you real works of art that will not only complement your interior, but will also become a source of pride and admiration. Unique designs and high-quality materials are our guarantee that your pouf will look uncompromisingly elegant and luxurious.

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Popular Models

12 467 INR

Model LI-67

weight up to 10kg
any colour
fabric upholstery

17 638 INR

Model Kr-23

weight up to 17kg
white colour
leather upholstery

14 935 INR

Model De-38

weight up to 14kg
dark colour
fabric upholstery

12 823 INR

Model Ог-87

weight up to 14kg
any colour
textile upholstery

18 874 INR

Model Mr-58

weight up to 17kg
red colour
leather upholstery

19 375 INR

Model Vt-35

weight up to 18kg
color combination
leather upholstery


Our Сlientes Say

"What sets PufMaster apart from other manufacturers in the industry? First of all, this is the quality material from which their products are made. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that PufMaster uses only environmentally friendly and natural materials. Thanks to this, PufMaster chairs and poufs are not only comfortable to use, but also completely safe for health."


Sonny Evans

regular customer

"Another advantage of PufMaster is their many years of experience in the field of furniture production. Each product is created with attention to detail and undergoes strict quality control. Thanks to this, buyers can be confident that they are purchasing furniture of the highest quality."


Ula Ramirez

regular customer

"Particular attention should be paid to their customer service. PufMaster employees are always ready to help and answer any customer questions.They show a sincere interest in meeting the needs of clients and strive to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable cooperation."


Cassandra Lopez

regular customer

our advantages

What makes PufMaster truly special?


Wide range

We at PufMaster offer a wide range of poufs that will be the perfect accessory for any room. Our team of talented designers and craftsmen lovingly craft each pouf, keeping in mind the latest trends and individual preferences of our customers



Quality is our main value. We use only high quality materials to ensure each pouf is durable and comfortable. In our collection you will find poufs made of genuine leather, soft velor, durable textiles and other materials that will bring you real pleasure.


Our mission

Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations. Therefore, we offer not only a variety of designs, but also the possibility of individually ordering a pouf. We are ready to implement any of your ideas to create a unique product that fully suits your tastes and needs.

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Order poufs from the PufMaster company and get a unique design and comfort that will delight you and your guests for many years!